Great Cumbrae, 01 August, 2016

Once again Handcycling Edinburgh will be joining forces with our colleagues from the West but this time it’ll be for a ride around the island of Great Cumbrae on the 1st of August.


We’ll me meeting our friends from Ride 63 and Clyde Muirshiel, Castle Semple in Largs before taking our handbikes across on the ferry to head around the island of Great Cumbrae. From the ferry terminal, we’ll follow the coastal road along a 16 km/ 10 mi journey with a maximum elevation gain of approximately 20 metres.


The ride should be fairly gentle and suitable for riders that are able to take on the 10 mile route. Dotted primarily with farmland and a golf course, the ride poses to be quite scenic as we head around the island before passing through the town of Millport before finally returning again to the ferry terminal.


Start time is TBA but if you are interested in joining us, please send us an e-mail at


See you on the road!