Wondering where to ride?

Have you been wondering just where to ride your handcycle?

It can be tricky if you’re not used to riding on the roads, don’t know the cycle paths, or maybe you’re just not comfortable riding in and amongst traffic.

Well, as part of the evolution of Handcycling Edinburgh, we plan to map out various routes in the local and not so local areas that are conducive to riding with a handbike.

From short easy routes, to those further afield, and those that may require more experience; we plan on finding the routes that you, our fellow handcyclist, would like to ride.

Recently, the handcycling Edinburgh team has been riding a number of local routes in addition to routes spanning from Lanark to Inverness on the roads and on cycle paths. We’ve even been riding in the hills and from these rides; we’ll bring you maps, elevation profiles, and evaluations to help you find great places to ride.

If you have any areas that you are interested in, drop us a line at info@handcyclingedinburgh.org.