Coaching Session – 26 Sept 2016

Due to a last minute development opportunity, the coaching session for 26 September will now have the added element of mountain biking!

As an opportunity to examine the potential development of mountain biking trails for Clyde Muirshiel, we will be taking a few mountain bikes off-road to test and explore the current off-road access and look into future possibilities. If you have a mountain bike and would like to join us for this exploration, please let us know. Due to the unknown interaction between the trails and the handcycles, experience handcycling off-road will be necessary.

If you don’t have a mountain bike or would rather stay on the road, we will still be having a taster session for new and returning handcyclists on the path at Castle Semple. If you would like to join us for this, please let us know. FOr this portion of the event, you don’t need a bike and experience isn’t necessary.

If you have any questions please contact us a

or Castle Semple

Taster Day – 05 November 2016

If you’ve wanted to try handcycling, your chance will be coming on 05 November at Ingliston, in Edinburgh. At Ingliston, we will have a car-free circuit that is perfect for beginner to advanced handcyclists. We’re planning on having handbikes available so don’t worry if you don’t have one yet. Whether you’ve tried handcycling before or have only thought of it, this taster day should be just right for you.

Specific details about the event will be added closer to the day. But, if you have any questions, or would like to register, please email us at Or, if you happen to be visiting the Paralympic Carnival on The Mound in Edinburgh, on 18 September, sign up with us there and have a chat with us about it as well.

June Taster Day wrap-up

Our taster events during the Edinburgh Bicycle week were a resounding success. We met lots of great people and gave a number of visitors the change to try out our handcycles, and for some of them, it was their first time on a bike. It was great to have the turnout despite the slightly rainy days. Handcycling Edinburgh is keen to do more of these events in the near future so please let us know if you’re interested by emailing

Coaching Session now an Introduction to Paracycling – 23 Sept 2016

Our planned training/ ride session with Jane Egan and Ride63 on 23rd September is now an introduction to Paracycling at Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park, Castle Semple!

If you have wanted to try handcycling this will a great chance to get an introduction to a number of styles of handcycles. After an introductory lesson on the basics of riding an handbike, you’ll have to opportunity to join up with a number of riders including Handcycling Edinburgh members to hit the nearby cycle path and take your handbike for a spin.  

The days events will be on from 10:00 – 1300 at Castle Semple Visitor Centre, Lochlip Road, PA12 4EA Lochwinnoch.

There will also be follow-up events on Monday, 26 September as well as Wednesday, 12 October.

For additional information please see


Paralympics GB Carnival – 18 Sept 2016

In celebration of the Paralympics, the Paralympics Carnival has been travelling all over the UK and is soon to be in Edinburgh. While it’s here, Handcycling Edinburgh will be representing handcycling. Pop by to have a chat with us and not only see some of the bikes that are available for handcyclists to ride, but have a shot at one of the bikes we’ll have on rollers. While you’re there, sign up for our upcoming taster day on 05 November, 2016. See you on The Mound on Sunday 18 September 2016. Paralympic carnival flyer