Have you ever been out on your handbike and suddenly realised that the cycle path you’re on is impassable? Disappointing isn’t it?

Not only can this spoil your ride or damage your handbike, but it can also become difficult to get out of depending on your level of mobility and the space you have on the trail.

Well, getting stuck on a cycle path has happened to each of us here at Handcycling Edinburgh and we’re aiming to make our sorrow your joy.

From the gate that is locked or unreachable, to the chicanes that are too closely spaced, to the speedbumps that are too high, or even a flight of stairs, there are many potential obstacles to one handbike or another that will make a cycle path impassable.

Handcycling Edinburgh is creating a database of the characteristics and obstacles that any handcyclist may find on any one of the many cycle paths that are out there. As part of our continued evolution, we’ll be sharing our observations through cycle path reviews to help you find enjoyable and obstacle free paths to ride.

If you encounter any obstacles that we haven’t sported or you have a handcycle that is particularly susceptible to certain types of obstacles, please let us know at info@handcyclingedinburgh.org.

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