SIS hill climb

Made it to the top

Recently, Spinal Injuries Scotland hosted a barbeque and sporting event at Castle Semple, Clyde Muirshiel Park that Neil and Ken headed out to, and where we met up with Mike. It was a great day out and a chance to do a bit of cycling, try some kayaking, sailing, and power boating, and meet some fantastic people. The barbeque was mighty tasty as well, and well worth queueing for in the light rain.


There were a number of folks who hadn’t tried handcycling before and who had a shot on the bikes available at Castle Semple while Neil, Mike, and Ken talked about our experiences and gave some tips to the new riders. We also had some great support from some of the other keen riders on the west side who came out for the day.


One of the highlights though, was the early morning ride that Neil and Ken took. On a crisp morning, the two of us headed out from Castle Semple heading up the hill to Muirshiel Visitor Centre. Our previous road training paid off as we headed out through Lochwinnoch to head for the hills.


It wasn’t long before those hills kicked in too, and what a workout it was. The first gentle climb was a just a warmup until we turned right on to the main road and the hill just got steeper. But it was no match for our arms and we kept on going. As the village thinned out and the grassy hills came into view, we kept putting the power on. Occasionally we’d have a bit of a downhill run but it was just enough to get some speed for the next climb. Meandering through the bends past the on looking cows and sheep  we managed to power to the top of the climb to the Muirshiel Visitor Centre.


Having triumphantly reached the top, we replenished out energy stores, snapped a picture and prepared for the descent. The initial gentle descent soon turned into a roaring blast, with unbelievable speed. So much so that you can only see it when you contrast the times: 50 minutes of climbing, for 3 minutes of descent, but both were so worth it!

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