Handcycling Edinburgh’s first taster day and first event of the year was a great success! The day started a bit grey with the suggestion that it might rain but it was still a brilliant day for a ride, cool and refreshing. The clubs arrival at the Bangholm Sports and Outdoor Centre found a busy hub of activities with visitors to the All-ability Bike Centre.

As the morning progressed, the rain started to fall but as luck would have it, there were a lot of great people so excited about cycling that a little rain wasn’t going to stop them. We had a great turnout for that handcycling taster session and met some wonderful people who had a great time on the handbikes. All three styles of bike were ridden by our guests and it was clear that they took to them like a duck takes to water. It fact, it was difficult getting some of them out of the bikes! We even had a particularly keen rider willing to try a little bit of off-road handcycling on one of the club member’s bikes! All in all it was a great day getting to meet some fantastic people that were very excited about being able to get into cycling.

After today, we’re definitely looking forward to Tuesday’s taster session as well!

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